Japanese Ginko Leaf Yoga Pants

  • $65.00

The slight bootleg flair can be draped over your favorite boots or folded over your sandals with ease. With a 33½ to 34½ inseam, these boot leg pants are great for tall gals or anyone who wants a longer look. The bottom can be folded up easily for yoga classes or even cut with fabric scissors (leaving a rolled edge).

We start with T party brand leggings made in Los Angeles. The 92% cotton, 8% spandex material breathes and stretches, while holding its shape.   A fold over waist is slimming and supportive.  Each piece is hand painted, using a bleach extraction process to create intricate designs with rich color, while keeping the fabric integrity. 

Fabric Care: 
Gentle cold wash cycle with like colors and fabrics. Hang to dry.

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