New Clothing Ideas

We have a lot of new ideas we have been testing out at local markets.  They have not made it online yet, but if you see something you would like to learn more about, just get in touch and we can send you photos with examples.

New Side Slit Bamboo / Cotton, Tie/ flowy Dance Pants

Longer dance pants with custom inseam and custom designs in front and back, are made to order and start at $175.

 Long Dresses

We have also started making a longer version of our bamboo/cotton dresses.  Here is just one example.  These are made to order and start at $200.


 Wrap Around Bamboo Cotton Skirts

Lightweight, flowy and flattering. I hope y’all love them as much as I do. Designed by myself and my seamstress. Sewn in Austin.

Each one free hand painted by me. S/M fits sizes 2-8. M/L fits sizes 8-12.


Cute Hip Skirts


My wonderful seamstress sewed together dress and pants scraps to make my hip skirts.  A fun layer over your leggings, capris or swim suit. Add a layer of hand painted flair.  I have a few of these to bring to shows and studio sales. I have them made when there are enough pieces left from cutting dresses and pants.  These start at $40.


We were invited to show at a West Elm baby shower oriented market recently and made these onesies.  Haven't figured out yet if there is a market for them.