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My designs are inspired by many loves.

My love of nature shows up in leafy and spiral patterns, trees that root in the earth while stretching their leaves, plants that heal, intricate wings on bees and moths and paisley shapes that could be shells or seed pods or underground critters. I rejuvenate by listening, walking and touching the natural world.

I also have a love of Japanese design. Waves, Cranes and Koi come from Japanese paintings, wood blocks and kimonos. When painting lines and spirals made of little dots, I am mimicking intricate Japanese stitches with my paint applicators. This is meditative and creates simple elegance.

Mehndi body art inspired my first clothing designs and I continue to follow this ancient art. Mehndi, painted with henna paste, is used for celebrating weddings, births, and everyday beauty. Different designs have originated in Asia, Africa and all over the world. The designs come alive when moving on a painted arm, leg, belly or whole body. When I paint Mehndi patterns I imagine them walking, dancing and sitting with the wearer. 

All of my designs have some element of healing; whether it be an image of crystals that carry loving vibrations or nature that grounds us in beauty or spirals that create a meditative design. Many of my designs are created in collaboration with my customers. It could be a pattern that you love in nature, an animal that means something to you, a painting that you love or anything that lights your heart. 





Japanese Inspired