Hand-Painted Straight Leggings

Nina Jolly Hand Painted Straight Leggings

What if you could dress yourself in both comfort and beauty? When you step out your door, you are not just dressed; you are wrapped in a moving piece of art. You add your own spirit to this living art. A collaboration between the artist and your own inner creator.  When you move through yoga poses, a walk in town, a hike through the quiet woods, or out for the evening you are trailing beauty.  

 We start with; T party brand made in Los Angeles. The 96% cotton, 4% spandex material breathes and stretches, while holding its shape. Lighter weight then our bootleg pants. Straight comfortable waist that does not bind.

Each piece is hand painted, with love, in our Austin Texas home studio. A bleach extraction process is used that creates intricate designs with rich color, while keeping the integrity of the fabric. And what’s even better then beautiful clothes that are comfy enough to wear every day?

Fabric Care

Gentle cold wash cycle with like colors and fabrics. Hang to dry.

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