Hand-Painted Kimono Sleeve Dresses


 Our Kimono sleeved dresses are inspired by the elegant shape and intricate painting of Japanese Kimonos. 

The design started with the flattering v neck and high waist  of our mid length dress. We then added some fullness to the skirt, and a high low hem, for flair and swing. Scalloped hemline flows like water as you walk and twirl.  Bell sleeves fall at 3/4 length for a balanced, elegant silhouette.

Wearable, one of a kind, art that is stylish for special events and so comfortable, that you can wear it all day.

Breathable, ethically sourced, bamboo / cotton knit from KenDor textiles. They are sewn in Austin and then hand painted, by me. A bleach extraction process pulls out the design, while maintaining the vibrant color and integrity of the dress.

We make a few at a time to keep in stock. Custom designs, colors and sizes available; contact Nina to create the dress of your dreams!

Machine wash warm. You can tumble dry low, but I recommend laying flat to dry if you have time.  



Click on the image to learn more about the KenDor fabric we use in our dresses.